Wild Jackpots Casino: Play Safely and Win as Much as You Want!

Wild Jackpots Casino is a place to have the biggest fun ever and to enjoy the best that an online gambling site can offer. This is a Microgaming casino, many games offered there is carefully developed by this leading company. For an experienced player, no more words are needed. This means top security level, fairness, big offers and whatever a player might wish from such a place.

Add such providers as Play`N Go, NetEnt, and some more leaders, and you will see what the offer is like.

However, some more words we would like to mention.

Wild Jackpots Casino is the one working under the license of a Maltese watchdog. It means again a lot. To get such a license, every provider shall meet the strictest requirements and have a lot of money. to support it, early, Wild Jackpots Casino has to spend thousands of dollars, too. Thus, this casino is financially fine and takes care of its reputation.

It means for every player that:

  • Punters can count on the support of a reputable regulator if something goes not as expected. Though, let us be fair in our review, Wild Jackpots is constantly getting the best feedback from players, and those negative reviews are resolved fast indeed.
  • When you sign up, or login, or make a payment, or withdraw your funds, you don’t need to worry about the information that you provide online. Casino Wild Jackpots uses advanced security measures to keep all safe. Your data are encrypted before being submitted on the web, thus, all is of top safety. Even if you hit a jackpot, Mega Moolah, for instance, and somebody bad will try to steal it, he/she will not be able to do it. all your information online is encrypted, and if somebody even gets to it, they will get some random string of symbols, nothing more. Thus, don’t worry whatever you are asked to submit by a casino for verification purposes, for example, or for depositing your money.
  • A convenient selection of payment providers is there, available depending on the country you reside in and the legislation that is valid there. Thus, be ready that payment options for a punter from Canada might look different than those for a punter from Australia, for instance. Australia, for example, is not welcoming to e-wallets, thus, you might not have an option to use them there.


Wild Jackpots Games

We shall admit that the selection of Wild Jackpots games is good but not impressive like, for example, those casinos that collaborate with plenty of providers. However, here, you get crème a la crème of the games. Most of them are developed by the best, the leader indeed in its niche, developer. Microgaming was at the start of online gambling, this is a provider that has created the legends in the industry, such as Mega Moolah, for instance.

NetEnt is also a very specific provider that works with the best casinos only. They offer games that are just different from the rest of the offers. Add exceptional quality, amazing plots, and whatever a player can be dreaming of, and the perfect set is ready.

Similar can be told about BetSoft and other providers. There are not many of them but they are among the best ones indeed.

Here, we cannot forget about one more distinctive feature of Microgaming. Nobody could compete with it for now. Amazing, just ridiculously huge jackpots that can reach up to millions of dollars, and they can be won, the history of gambling proves it. Moreover, all the jackpots, even the biggest ones, are paid out immediately without delays and installments. Thus, what about spinning the reels, getting the cards, spinning the wheel and trying to win the best out of all the offers?


Wild Jackpots Slots

There are around 1000 slots on www.wildjackpots.com. If you are spoiled by offers with some thousands of games, this number might not impress you indeed. However, consider that here, you find the best ones, carefully crafted by Microgaming and other leaders games. Thus, here, you can try any type of slots:

  • 3-reels, the classics of any online platform for gambling. Even if you aren’t keen on them, a normal casino would not be complete without them. Hey, and the famous Mega Moolah is a 3-reels slot, so…
  • 5-reels slots, the advanced creations in the gambling world online, build a significant part of any casino`s offer. Here, you can plunge in the world of action and adventures of your favorite movie. Or what about participating in one of those world famous shows? And don’t forget about winnings, of course, a lot of them.
  • Progressive jackpots are the feature for which Microgaming is especially known. None provider offers such a variety and, most importantly, such sums of progressive jackpots. Millions of dollars are waiting there for the luckiest gamblers. Fruit Fiesta, Mega Moolah, King Cashalot are just a couple of names that have become a legend of gambling online.

Don’t forget that all the slots are pure chance games. Thus, no strategies, no plans, no methods to win work there. All the game’s results are generated exclusively by the Random Number Generator, a special algorithm that doesn’t allow the result to be predicted or forecasted. Thus, play reasonably. Don’t forget that your main aim is to enjoy, only then, winnings will come.


Table Games on Wildjackpots.com

No casino is complete without table games. Those are the base for any casino, and have always been it. Thus, in Casino Wild Jackpots, you can find all types of them, too.

Table games collection will for sure satisfy any punter, even that one who is used to a huge variety of options. Thus, here:

  • You can spin the wheel of all the standard and exclusive roulette types in a hope to get the winning combination and take away at least some thousands of dollars. Look through the most popular versions or choose some that are played by the least of gamblers. Maybe they are hiding special awards for you?
  • What about checking your luck at one of the poker tables? Video poker and other game variants are available for those who have never betrayed the best traditions of gambling. Here though, you shall never forget that all the common strategies will not work. Table games at an online casino are rather chance games even though a very small % of skills might be involved.
  • Baccarat, one of the most popular games of all the times since people started gamble, is available in WildJackpots Casino, too. There are not many variations of it in principle, though, WildJackpots did its best to cover the majority of them.
  • Blackjack, or 21, if you know this name better, has always been the game of the poor. But now, it is one of the favorite options in any casinos and even high-rollers don’t mind getting some cards to try their luck. Of course, this game is represented in WildJackpots Casino, and of course, it has several options to try.


Live WildJackpots Casino

WildJackpots Casino is available live, too, like any respected and advanced casino. All the games are provided by Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming. What does it mean for a player? Well, a lot!

All the games are streamed from the most realistically arranged live studios. They have everything there: the environment as if you have been playing all the time in a real casino, live dealers that cheer you up and contribute to the excellent experience that you get there. And of course, equipment and games.

In every studio, by every table, there are installed cameras. They allow you to change the observation angle and distance. You can zoom in and out to check the table details and the studio. All in all, you can see everything even better than if you were in a real casino.

The live chat option adds to the realistic experience. With dealers, you can talk. With other players, you can chat, there is a special window there on the screen for you.

Games? Come on, you are going to use the live offers from the best live games developers. All the games are there.

Roulette, all the options of it for you to have fun: place your lucky bet and see whether you can win. Your favorite live dealer will be there, waiting for your next visit.

Blackjack, one of the most popular games of all the times, is available in over 10 versions. Do you really believe that you will not be able to find the one that you love?

Baccarat alone is there available in 14 options which is incredible indeed. Where did those developers get their ideas from?

Poker, the king of gambling and any casino, is represented in a lot of versions. You will need to spend time if you want to test all of them.

Playing in a live casino is fun and can bring you a lot of wins, considering that they might be different than those that are commonly offered by a provider.

The only drawback, and you shall know about it, is that in a live casino, you cannot use the free play option. All the games are offered for real money exclusively. Though if you think, WildJackpots Casino has its reasons to do so. Live dealers need to be paid their salaries, the rent of live studios also must cost decently, so the casino cannot offer that for free.


www.wildjackpots.com on Mobile Devices

We forgot to mention that the provider started all its operations in 2014. It means that at that time, it was able to implement the HTML5 technology by the website development. Thus, no mobile apps are needed to download and open wildjackpots.com from any of your mobile devices.

Thus, wildjackpots.com can be opened and used absolutely problemless from:

  • Any standard mobile device: Android, iOS, Blackberry, and similar, both mobile phones and tablets;
  • Kindle;
  • Samsung devices;
  • Windows devices.

Of course, many players believe and it is really so that the functionality on every mobile device is different. This is because the screen of every device and its native functionality differ one from another. Thus, some mobile phones and devices will support one function, while for others, it might be not available, and similar.

Other than that, the mobile version of a site, whether you download it or play directly, is the same functional as the version for desktops. The same bonuses, payment options, and similar, is there. Even live games are present.

Even though no apps are needed but they still exist. You can use one or another of them if you feel more convenient with it, why not. Many players still prefer downloadable versions instead of instant ones.


Payment and Withdrawal Are Reliable, Safe and Fast

Every good casino doesn’t hesitate to offer to its players a plethora of options, including those to deposit bucks and to withdraw millions if won.

Wild Jackpots knows it and it offers a lot of options. Just the most common ones are bank transfer, all types of them (debit, credit, prepaid), and where it is not forbidden, e-wallets. In Finland, for instance, you can use just a plethora of e-wallets, as well as in New Zealand, while in Australia, you might be feeling miserable if you are used to them.

Thus, you need to explore the cashier section and read everything there very attentively. If you have even a single doubt, ask their customer support for assistance. We are sure you will find the fastest, the most secure, simply the best option for you.

The time to withdraw funds, any sums, is around 48 hours which is not too impressive, to tell the truth. Let us be open, this is so standard that it is even not an advantage but a normal standard feature, not more and not less. Though withdrawal limits are nice, up to 10,000 USD per week is the maximum, and it can be lifted without major issues. And just believe us, you might need it if you hit some of those crazy jackpots, wild jackpots indeed.

Don’t forget about the SSL protection, too. You can handle any financial things with the casino without any doubt and fear, your funds are protected.


Customer Support

This casino`s customer support is something exceptional and is definitely worth to be mentioned. Somebody is available 24/7 online in a live chat to help players with all their issues and questions if any. It is nice to feel that you will not be left alone if something happens.

If you feel that you need to explain your problem in detail or even to attach some screens or photos, or whatever, you can use their mail. It is available on the site, and there is no problem to contact their support. They will reply asap.

When it comes to calling them, this option is present, too. Check though whether there is a toll-free number from your location. Otherwise, your operator might want to charge a fortune. Other than that, you can call anytime you feel you need it and talk to somebody.

FAQ section is at the full service of all the players. All the most common issues are described there, if you feel you need to read something, check there. Maybe you will find the solution to all your issues without any urgent need in the intrusion of all those customer agents.


Bonuses, Promotion Offers, and Many More Interesting Things from WildJackpots.com

Wild Jackpots Casino has a special approach to bonuses. When you start playing there, you feel overwhelmed. Don’t be surprised if from time to time, you will get a wish to check whether it is not some holiday today, such as Christmas, or maybe even your birthday. The provider bombs its clients with all types of promotions, bonus offers, bonus codes, and whatever only an online gambling company can invent to keep their clients alert and motivated.


Welcome Offer Is Unbelievable!

here, you get a 200% welcome offer and 20 free spins for one of your preferred games here. The main target of the provider is to make you enjoy, not to struggle, thus, the offers aren’t huge but rather are aimed to bring you fun and help to feel the first sweet taste of wins.


Weekend Offers Are the Most Varied Online

When a weekend approaches, you cannot stay unnoticed. WildJackpots prepares something incredible and unusual every weekend to amaze its clients, make their gambling experiences better and more varied, and simply to make them enjoy their stay in the casino. What is waiting for you this weekend? Nobody knows, maybe even WildJackpots doesn’t know it for now. But for sure, it shall be something extremely crazy, like some bonus codes that are aimed to make you the next casino millionaire? Or maybe a no deposit bonus 2021 that will change your life once and forever?

Your second deposit brings you more offers, more money, more free spins. Do you want to try it? it doesn’t cost you anything, if you don’t wager it, this is not your money anyway. But what if yes? You will take away your deposit, winnings, and the bonus, too.


Bonus Store

You can even shop for the bonuses, no promo codes are needed at all. You pay for them from your balance, the funds you have already deposited but haven’t yet spent. Select a game where you want to try your luck with some additional perks. One offer costs around 20 dollars, no deposit or promo codes are needed.

And yes, you can buy them as often as you want, it depends on you only. Well, at some moment, this no deposit principle might not work, you will need to fund your balance. Though if you win…

Loyalty Program

Yes, it is available. You start moving up the loyalty ladder as soon as you start playing. A nice no deposit code would probably help to advance this movement but even without it, the advancement will come soon.


Promo Codes and Other Site Perks

The casino itself doesn’t care much for promo codes or special no deposit code offers. It is clear why: there are so many things to choose from that such promo codes or no deposit code offers would be simply odd. Though, nobody forbids you to try your luck and look for them somewhere else. We are sure that there are some websites around where you can find some nice offers to fill in this gap.

And whenever you get any no deposit offer or no deposit code from the casino itself, don’t hesitate to apply it immediately as it comes. They are always good even if you aren’t going to wager them. At least, you will for sure play more without investing your cents or dollars for it. And if you win, this is a good motivation to complete the wagering requirements and to withdraw everything with the bonus and the winnings.


Our Verdict

After you login to your account, a completely new world is opening to you. we are sure you will enjoy the navigation of the website. It is developed in pleasant purple colours and the design, characters, and the environment are really non-intrusive. Everything is smooth, calm, nice. Everything is created for the Game.

Free play is available, if you want to try the platform before plunging in the WildJackpots gambling wildly, with your money. And when you do so, we are sure that in this casino, you will find everything that a gambler might have ever wished.

All the games are tested, certified, monitored, thus, safety and fairness are the things that you get there on default. Moreover, the games are utterly varied, you will find the biggest variety of all of them there, available at any time, offering generous bonuses and awards. Consider that such giants as Microgaming and NetEnt offer their software here, and you will understand everything about the casino level.

The customer support agents are ready to pay you the maximum amount of attention they are able to. Don’t get angry if there are some seconds of delay in a live chat, they will attend you with the utmost care. And of course, they will take your side whatever issue you face. With this casino, you can be confident that all your problems are their problems, too, and they will do whatever they can to solve them.

We give 5 out of possible 5 stars to this casino, moreover, we believe that this provider deserves it more than any other online gambling company that is operating in the market now.